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My name is Angela Norris. I am a former journalist with many years’ experience of writing “human interest” stories and features conveying people’s life stories – their personal history, memories and experiences. I’ve also written many obituaries, each one capturing the life and unique characteristics of an individual.

What my experience has shown me is that we each have our story to tell and preserve for future generations. Having also worked in health promotion , I feel life story telling has the potential to help our emotional health and well-being by connecting us with the essence of who we truly are and celebrating our lives and our achievements. It can also offer catharsis in times of grief and loss, by providing family members with the opportunity to make a lasting tribute to a loved one..


  • Life stories and biographies
  • Beautifully written tributes
  • Eulogies
  • Obituaries


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  • Hand-made boxes
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“I was impressed by the quality of your

writing and the way you capture nuances

of character.”

MM (Lancaster)