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Life stories and tributes are presented in a beautiful leather folder,with the option of an inscribed front cover, to create a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down to future generations.

Hand-crafted wooden boxes in elegant oak or mahogany finish are also available as memory boxes to store your folder and any other mementoes. These can be designed to your own specification.

  • Standard folder with professionally written life story (up to 2000 words), and photographs - prices start from £150
  • Standard folder with life story written by you or a member of your family, and photographs. In this option, you write your own life story and I will present it for you. This option is ideal for those who would like to write their own story, but are less confident with computers - £75
  • Memory boxes – from £80 (quotations on request).


  • Life stories and biographies
  • Beautifully written tributes
  • Eulogies
  • Obituaries


  • Leather
  • Hand-made boxes
  • Price options
  • Colours
  • Styles


“I was impressed by the quality of your

writing and the way you capture nuances

of character.”

MM (Lancaster)